Our Mission

Mission Statement

The Mission of Mohun Health Care Center in being faithful to the spirit of the Dominican Sisters of Peace, is dedicated to provide compassionate and holistic care in an atmosphere of prayerful support to all who reside here, and a fair and satisfying work environment for all who are employed here.

Vision Statement

Mohun Health Care Center will maintain and improve the quality of service to our residents, navigating obstacles to ensure our viability and partnering with the Dominican Sisters of Peace Leadership to determine the best future course for our institution.


  • We believe that each person has the right to live fully and to die with dignity in an atmosphere of prayerful support.
  • We believe that a God-centered environment includes the values of hospitality, simplicity of lifestyle and shared community life.
  • We believe in the right and responsibility of each resident to actively participate, according to capability, in decisions which affect his/her health and well being.
  • Based on these beliefs, we commit ourselves to provide compassionate and holistic care to all who reside at Mohun Health Care Center.